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Logical thinking ability is the most important ability. These 3 books help you to establish a systematic logical thinking.

In our life, logical thinking ability is the most important ability. I deeply understand this. Sometimes I feel why others are so fast in life. I feel that I will learn faster than me. Sometimes I feel that I am really Too stupid, but in fact, a teacher told me that this is just because […]

Want to learn English quickly and easily? English translation professionals sincerely recommend these books (with efficient learning methods)

| Words about language learning Unknowingly, our English learning stickers have written a lot of articles, which are touched by the enthusiasm of everyone. Language learning is not a one-off experience. It is simply not advisable to take the opportunity to take risks. Every time I pursue it, I try to be as easy to […]

These four methods teach you how to find a real, nourishing book!

So far, China has not had a special book on reading history. The reading power of Nie Zhenning, a well-known advocate and reader of the whole country in China, is such a book that aims to dialectically analyze various reading activities and reading phenomena by combing the history of human reading, reading society, and reading. The […]

Reading more books is a very important thing for girls. This is something that must be taken seriously.

n today’s era, a girl doesn’t study well. What do you do in the future? Is it a big money in the future or an improper job to make a living, or your family is in good condition, you don’t have to study hard, but a child who is living in a well-conditioned environment, parents are […]

Let everyone fall into the deep thinking story, the importance of books makes people really scared

For the book, whether it is the evaluation of the ancients before, or the deep understanding of modern people, it is undeniable that the book is indeed the most important thing in history, and everyone’s evaluation of it is very high, although On weekdays, we can’t understand why the older generations have so deeply evaluated […]

Decide on the key to your child’s life, read these books and help you teach good children.

The first “66 detail to teach children self-confidence” Author: Shou Chang-hua Introduction: “The 66 details teach a confident child” edited by Shou Changhua involves the core issue of family education – the attitude and manner of treating children. The methods mentioned to help children build self-confidence apply to any family, any region, and provide effective solutions to […]