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Continue reading for more than a year and share some experiences

The biggest reason for reading is to get rid of mediocrity. One day, one more life will be wonderful; one day will be more troublesome.

Once, I chatted with a literary friend on WeChat, and I sighed that there was less reading and not enough reading.

After that exchange, I thought, since I realized that the fact of reading is small, I will change it immediately. I hope that when I mention reading, I will not have a similar sigh.

Since then, I have been reading it programmatically.

I have been studying for more than a year and have accumulated a few small experiences and shared them with everyone.

First, don’t be superstitious about reading together

If you want to keep reading this thing for a long time, and it really works. It is not the outside world, it must be self-discipline.

I have never participated in a joint reading card program.

The second year of high school said that he had reported one, and he insisted on reading the number of days that he could refund the money. After paying the money, I went into the group to read the detailed rules to know that not only do I need to read it every day, but I also need to read the prescribed number of words every day. Then, most people did not stick to it, and he was no exception.

The money is refunded and the money is not refunded. The fact that it is mainly a daily reading experience is a bit too formal. Reading reaches a certain amount, the output is natural. Being so nervous at the beginning will undoubtedly scare off some readers’ desire to read, and the frustration that comes with it will also lead to a reduction in reading interest.

Many of the co-reading courseware are presented in the form of book reviews. The book reviewer simply introduces the book and then dives some thoughts and sentiments around the content. However, what is the “content”, it is best to read it in person. Besides, the book review sentiment is someone else’s, and if you want to improve, you still have to think for yourself.

I always feel that I have the time to read together. It is better to sink my heart and take the original work to “squat”, but it will achieve twice the result with half the effort.

Second, buying books is worse than borrowing books

The ancients said: “The book is not borrowed and can’t be read.” It makes sense.

For a while, I was obsessed with buying books. When I bought it, it was urgent. When I saw it, it was delayed. Even some books have not been removed yet.

Compared to buying books, going to the library or bookstore to borrow books, because of the time limit, it is easier to read in a short time.

There is a community library at my door, but unfortunately the books are incomplete, and most of them are old. I love to read literary books, and the range of choices offered by community libraries is limited.

In addition, the readers of the community library are mostly children, parents are negligent in discipline, causing noisy environment, always disturbed, and it is not easy to calm down.

Fortunately, there is a Xinhua Bookstore in the city that is open, not only for books that can be rented for free, but also for 24 hours. This is really a good thing for me.

The books there are very full, and most of the books you want to read can be found in the Literature Museum.

So, I often go to the bookstore. Look for a quiet corner in the Literature Museum, watch it for a few hours, and take two more when you leave.

The bookstore has only ten days to borrow, and I really like this time limit. Since it must be read in ten days, there is a kind of supervision formed in the invisible, and it is forced to take time to read the book.

Our community library is borrowed for one month, and after expiration, it can be renewed for another month.

The long period of time is a good thing, but due to procrastination, it is often until the final deadline to finish reading, and even often forget, it will only be remembered after a long period of time. In this respect, the long term has become a disadvantage.

Therefore, bookstores with short deadlines and full books have become the best choice for me to borrow books.

Third, read the classics

Many famous people have eagerly and repeatedly explained the importance of reading classic works.

Zhou Guoping once said: “A person who is determined to take the path of spiritual ascension, instead of following the second and third stream authors, is better to follow the spirit master directly. Yes – you will find that although you can only see the back, you have already Those second and third-rate authors are far behind.”

There are so many books, and there are so many seas and fish. Life is limited, time is precious, or you should read classics as much as possible.

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