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Logical thinking ability is the most important ability. These 3 books help you to establish a systematic logical thinking.

In our life, logical thinking ability is the most important ability. I deeply understand this. Sometimes I feel why others are so fast in life. I feel that I will learn faster than me. Sometimes I feel that I am really Too stupid, but in fact, a teacher told me that this is just because I did not establish a systematic logical thinking. As long as I have established my own system of logical thinking skills, I will learn a lot more quickly and clarify the ideas I have to learn. Below I recommend three books of logical thinking ability to help you build a systematic logical thinking.

The first “learning questions”

The book “Learning to Ask Questions” tells us a lot of theories and examples. Through easy-to-understand words and simple theories and examples, we can clearly understand the truth that the author wants to convey to us. The book “Learning to Ask” was created by Brown in the United States, and the reader scored 8.6 on a certain flap. The theory of this book is from simple to complex, let us understand the content of the book step by step, and its landing is very good. The author of the book “Learning to Ask Questions” uses a critical approach to tell us how reading should be better. This book can improve the logical thinking ability. The book “Learn to ask questions” is very good. Its excellentness lies in its simple use and clear telling us how to effectively ask questions.

The second book “Beyond Feeling”

The book “Beyond Feeling” has a complete logical thinking framework, which is suitable for beginners, because this book will not have difficult theoretical knowledge. The book Beyond Feeling was written by Vincent Rugiro of the United States, and the author has many insights on critical thinking and creative thinking. The author in this book has a good interpretation of the psychological barriers to healthy thinking. “Beyond Feeling” is created with more interesting language and style. Let us be fascinated by the examples given by the author. I think this book is quite excellent. It is excellent in using the very interesting style of writing to clearly tell the logical thinking framework that the reader’s logical thinking ability is the most important ability.

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