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Want to learn English quickly and easily? English translation professionals sincerely recommend these books (with efficient learning methods)

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Unknowingly, our English learning stickers have written a lot of articles, which are touched by the enthusiasm of everyone. Language learning is not a one-off experience. It is simply not advisable to take the opportunity to take risks. Every time I pursue it, I try to be as easy to understand as possible. “Learning English well” is a heart disease for many friends.

As a person who has been crawling in the field of language learning, I hope that these views can be understood by you:

1. I agree with the fragmented learning style, but if you want to really learn English well, you need a comprehensive planning and professional approach. It is not enough to learn English by mobile app. There are quite a few apps that only have three-legged cats. Is it really helpful for English learning?

2, learning English, active detection is far more efficient than passive acceptance. The cramming education is just a little bit of help for you at the beginning of the study~

3. Please think carefully about the real reasons why your English has not been high for so many years.

4, out of the campus, you are still spending a lot of money to learn English is really not worthwhile. There are a lot of online resources that are free, why are you not using them?

5. The master leads the door and practices in the individual. Your English teacher has guided you to the direction of learning at the beginning, and it depends on yourself in the future.

6. At the beginning of the study, I will speak English grammar. I am a bit nonsense. I still don’t want to run when I walk. wishful thinking.

7, you need a basic textbook, remember: you need a basic textbook! This is your staple food. Do you eat nutritious food without eating staple food?


▼For more basic knowledge, please refer to this

Want to learn English quickly and easily? English translation professionals sincerely recommend these books (with efficient learning methods)

English translation professionals talk about how to use the free network resources to fully learn English
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1. Just ask, do you really think it is so difficult to learn English well? As long as the method is right, most of the friends here can learn the language well.

2. All of us will go through childhood. For Chinese, is this kind of learning process: first accept the voice information, then put it in various scenes, observe the movements of the people around, and conduct the simplest communication and text reading. The last is the advanced text output – writing. Shouldn’t it be the same reason to learn English and learn Chinese? Someone who studies English has a high talk about “English thinking”. Personally, I think it is very nonsense. You have not completed the “thinking” even at the basic stage? To put it bluntly, it is still an old saying that you must learn to walk first. Therefore, in the past comment area, many value friends actively asked: Can you tell me a lot of writing methods, can you tell me more about the exam skills… If I want to answer, one or two sentences can not be complete Expression, because English learning is a systematic project, it is not advisable to separate any part.

3. Do you like the exam? Do you like to learn English just for the exam? I think most people are saying NO inside! In my opinion, learning English for the so-called exams, or just to improve a certain skill (such as writing) is very painful, and you may not be able to really master the language at such a starting point.

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