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Life is important, but there is no shortage of books.

“The more a person’s knowledge, the more he feels his ignorance.” Some people compare the circle to knowledge. The bigger the circle, the more contact with the outside world. The more you read, the more you can read the book, the learning, you can let People are perfect; learning can make people civilized; and I think that the purpose of learning is to improve their own quality, to learn the necessary knowledge to survive in society, to realize their own value life through learning, but there is no shortage of books.

The meaning and purpose of learning is of course to master the knowledge, to engage in mental work in the future, to enrich yourself, of course, to make more money, to play the ball is to score; to play the game is to win; to sing is to be famous….. Doing anything is purposeful. If you want to learn, you have to test others and prove that you are better than others. If you have a goal, you will have the motivation. Maybe you can “read for the threshold of light”, perhaps “for the sake of the ceremony.” Reading, or even “reading for the rise of China.”

“Books are the beacons of the ocean in time.” The book is like a beacon. The book is directional. Reading can let us learn a wealth of knowledge, which can open our eyes and make people progress, books, It is the crystallization of the wisdom of the predecessors, the accumulation of wise men, telling a vivid story, recording countless precious historical experiences and lessons, accumulating experience, learning lessons, and making yourself stand taller and fly farther. On the road to success, full of confidence, unimpeded, and hate less when the book is used, things are not difficult.

Develop your habit of learning anywhere, anytime, and your life will benefit endlessly: the development of your career, the richness of your life, in short, we are always learning in life and work, maybe you just put it in school, from books Learning as a study, but in fact it is only part of the journey of life learning, pay attention to everything, cultivate interest in many things, you will continue to enrich your mind, increase your knowledge, and the meaning of life and life will be even more understanding.

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