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These four methods teach you how to find a real, nourishing book!

So far, China has not had a special book on reading history. The reading power of Nie Zhenning, a well-known advocate and reader of the whole country in China, is such a book that aims to dialectically analyze various reading activities and reading phenomena by combing the history of human reading, reading society, and reading. The cultivation of reading power is actually the cultivation of people’s thinking ability, and thus the concept of “reading power” was first proposed in the history of reading.

Regarding “How to find a good book”, let’s see how the author elaborated. Jingdong’s co-reading also explained this.

Is it important to find a good book? This does not seem to be a problem, because people with normal intelligence will say that it is important. However, how many people choose the object of reading with a solemn attitude? Think about it, many people, including me, pick up a book at random, and things that happen to be flipped over often happen. The famous saying of Emperor Song Taizong’s famous saying “opening the book” has been passed down for more than a thousand years, and gradually evolved into a belief of future generations, that is, as long as the book is opened, it will certainly benefit.

In fact, this is just a slogan to persuade people to read, and it is impossible to withstand scrutiny. Throughout the ages, bad books can be said to be chicken feathers. Today, China’s publishing industry has published more than 400,000 books a year. Who can guarantee the usefulness of this book? As for Song Taizong’s “opening up the benefits”, there is a specific reference. The emperor read “Tai Ping Yu Lan”, a large-scale book containing the important contents of 1600 volumes of classic ancient books. In general, Those classics are still called “opening useful.”

When we discuss reading power, we finally have to discuss the fundamental issue of reading books.

Some people say that if you want to see how a person is, you can see what kind of friends he is handing, or you can see what books he is reading. It can be seen that what kind of book a person reads is related to his heart. In the second act of the second world drama “Hamlet”, former Minister Bolognes was ordered to visit Hamlet. Hamlet was reading a book. The Minister quickly asked: “His Royal Highness, what book are you reading?” With a slap, he said to himself: “Empty words, empty words!” The Minister could not detect the complex inner world of Hamlet from the

book. This is a mystery left by Shakespeare in this immortal drama.

I dare say that many viewers are a bit unwilling to do this. They want to know what kind of book Hamlet is reading in the end. It can be seen that what a person reads is often a matter that people should pay attention to each other.

American educator Mortimer Adler said in “On Reading”: “We can only learn from people who are better than us. Therefore, we must know who is better than us, how to learn from them, and how to do it.” People who know these two issues,

That is what we call people who have the art of reading. Perhaps each of us has this ability to read. As long as we apply reading techniques to more valuable works and try to read them, we can definitely read better and get more. Mortimer Adler spoke quite comprehensively. On the one hand, he pointed out the purpose of reading, and emphasized the importance of reading ability. Then he emphasized the need to “apply to more valuable works.” A good book in time can determine a person’s destiny, or become his guiding light to determine his lifelong ideals.

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