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Year: 2019

Logical thinking ability is the most important ability. These 3 books help you to establish a systematic logical thinking.

In our life, logical thinking ability is the most important ability. I deeply understand this. Sometimes I feel why others are so fast in life. I feel that I will learn faster than me. Sometimes I feel that I am really Too stupid, but in fact, a teacher told me that this is just because […]

Want to learn English quickly and easily? English translation professionals sincerely recommend these books (with efficient learning methods)

| Words about language learning Unknowingly, our English learning stickers have written a lot of articles, which are touched by the enthusiasm of everyone. Language learning is not a one-off experience. It is simply not advisable to take the opportunity to take risks. Every time I pursue it, I try to be as easy to […]

These four methods teach you how to find a real, nourishing book!

So far, China has not had a special book on reading history.┬áThe reading power of Nie Zhenning, a well-known advocate and reader of the whole country in China, is such a book that aims to dialectically analyze various reading activities and reading phenomena by combing the history of human reading, reading society, and reading. The […]