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Let everyone fall into the deep thinking story, the importance of books makes people really scared

For the book, whether it is the evaluation of the ancients before, or the deep understanding of modern people, it is undeniable that the book is indeed the most important thing in history, and everyone’s evaluation of it is very high, although On weekdays, we can’t understand why the older generations have so deeply evaluated a book. We may not understand the deep meaning hidden under the high evaluation of it.

However, if you watched the film “Fahrenheit 451 Degrees”, you will feel the coolness of people in the movie like the flames, and the film is still deep. Rethinking the significance of the book from ancient times to the present for humans or for human civilization.

In the impression of many people, since it is a book, is it definitely an old movie with a classic charm? On the contrary, this film tells the story of a future world, where everything is particularly horrible, because the rulers will kill all the will of the people in the cradle, what a terrible thing. There is no independent will, and what is the difference between this and the robot? Not only that, but in many people’s eyes, there are countless classic books. The rulers ordered the burning of all physical books. Even the Internet has banned the existence of e-books, turning the whole world into a world without books, and even the ruling department. They also tried to change history, tamper with those that should have been educational, and turn the fire department into an arson department.

This makes many people feel incredible, even absurd, because black and white Ming Ming are very recognizable things can be reversed, and they have also invented a potion that allows those who until the age of books to forget this memory. Children have been instilled in the face of the idea of ​​actively reporting in books, and even the citizens who burned books are a noble profession for all, and the crystallization of human beings for thousands of years is here. All of them were destroyed in the burning of the fire, and the book was chased by everyone, and it became the way everyone shouted.

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