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The most complete evaluation of the iPhone7 released: So Apple 7 is not your dish?

Apple did not disappoint the fruit powder again. From the time when Cook developed the cloth meeting, many people predicted that the iPhone 7 is a big sale product. This is not sold out on the day of the official release on September 16. The yellow cattle are brighter. The price of the black version has reached a record high, and many people are cheering for a picture of the iPhone7 in a circle of friends. So, what exactly does this represent the evolution of the iPhone’s 10th generation of products to users? Below and listen to the author one by one.
At the Apple conference on September 7, Cook also said that although the bright black version of the piano paint is very beautiful, it is recommended to wear a leather case because it is easy to leave fingerprints and scratches. I also want to use the foot, the mirror design products are definitely fingerprint collectors, but I saw the picture in the circle of friends is still shocked.

Innovation, the iPhone7 dare to try

Wireless headset but not ordinary wireless

When Apple quietly put on the Lightning interface headset, we can feel Apple’s determination to change. Although this will affect the reuse of old headphones, this radical can bring a thinner body, and the headphones that use the Lightning interface to output digital signals will be better than the 3.5mm analog signal headphones. Better.

There is also this AirPods wireless headset, although it is not yet on the market, but from the pile of friends in the pile of fake AirPods can be seen, the wireless headset is only a high degree of popularity, and it is also equipped with a variety of apples Department equipment, can be described as the apple oil in the apple ecology.

Waterproof function can be used as a selling point

The body of the iPhone 7 is sealed with high strength to achieve IP67 waterproof and dustproof standards, to prevent dust from pouring in, and to soak for 30 minutes under water. This point, we have already seen it in the evaluation, basically can be washed as a dish, if you suspect the iPhone7 full of fingerprints, then pick up your soap!

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