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Five signs of a person’s high self-discipline – “Self-control”

I don’t know if you have found that about 40% of your behavior in daily life is in the same situation. After washing your face, wipe your face with a towel, eat after breakfast, go to bed at a fixed time, take the same route to go to work or go to school. These behaviors happen naturally, so that we don’t need to think before we act and make decisions, which saves us a lot of time.

And if these fixed behaviors can cultivate more good habits, we can save all the tangled time needed to do something, to deal with more complicated, more difficult or more urgent things, and become more efficient. And calm. This is the secret that makes you better. Start by cultivating habits, how to find good habits that suit your nature, how to get used to it and how to strengthen your habits. Let us discover these problems with these problems.

People who are more self-control will spend more time developing effective habits than on self-help after death. In other words, habit is the need for self-control. For example, after drinking coffee, it is customary to wash the cups, and the used things are returned to their original position. You have developed such a small habit. You don’t need to use self-control. You need self-control to develop good personal habits.

Once the habit is formed, we can do what we want to accomplish without any effort. Since you want to change your habits, where do you start?

You need to start with the following aspects: a healthier diet, regular exercise, wise storage and consumption, proper relaxation and enjoyment, no delays, and simplified cleaning and finishing.

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