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Read a good book and pick up a sentence! Reading summary sharing

This is the shortcoming of long-distance love. When you are in love, when you are in love, you can send lovesickness to the moon every day. Sending a “good night” message on your mobile phone can make you feel happy all day. How can you detect the truth in a person’s life? status?Lin Yutang said in “The Art of Life”: “People can’t appreciate the fun of this earthly life, because they don’t love life, make life ordinary, rigid, and boring.

” Strong body and rich mind It is a granary for storing wealth. No one can ignore the two most precious gifts of the gods. Feel the breeze of the breeze, the taste of the autumn leaves, the subtle touch and touch of life is the unparalleled beauty of existence.Because of this life, from the way you come, you will always be alone. I have heard many legends, and I have crossed countless people. We cried and laughed at night, hiding lonely feelings, and always staying with ourselves. When you are physically and mentally uncomfortable, and talk about what you love and love others, the first thing you should love is yourself. You have the right to live this unique life that belongs to you. This is something God can’t stop.A kind of life goes well, it will be comfortable, and sometimes, ease is a trap, let every day, year after year, like the white clouds blown by the hurricane, rushing away.

Remember: people who will make you feel bad, you don’t care much about yourself. If one thing makes you uncomfortable at first, then the sooner you refuse, the better, the moment you have to solve, maybe You can only survive at the end.Perhaps, forgetting a story is to start a new life; deleting a past is to restart a life.

A person who has never used his feet to step on the road will not find a way that truly belongs to him.This world is so wonderful, what you want to live is your choice, others can’t interfere, as long as you are willing to work hard, willing to persist, one day, will be as you wish.Every dazzling person must have lived in the darkness, and that day will surely light the way you go.

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